Mask Pro

Mask Pro 4.1

Replaces the background in pictures by painting it away
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A collection of masking functions for removing the background from pictures. Works as a plugin for Photoshop CS 3 and supports 16-bit images.

The award-winning Photoshop plugin Mask Pro 4.1 works by using color instead of edges. This allows it to easily create a mask that preserves the details you want and even removes unwanted ambient color contamination caused by reflections and transparency. Mask Pro 4.1 actually paints away the colors that you do not want in your image, leaving a natural transition between the subject and background.
Mask Pro 4.1 plug-in for Photoshop provides a complete collection of tools that help you take on the toughest masking project. Included are tools such as the Magic Brush which will remove colors while maintaining transparency as well as touch up tools like the Chisel which will help you get the edges of your image perfect without any edge halos at all.
With Mask Pro you can replace backgrounds easily, preview results in real-time with composite preview, preserve transparency with color decontamination technology. Mask Pro includes 12 tools to mask everything from large backgrounds to the finest details in hard to mask areas.

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